Thursday, 30 December 2010

Freighter Travel News for 2011 by Sea Travel Ltd

Dear Traveler,

Sea Travel Ltd wishes you a Prosperous, Healthy and Happy New 2011!

There are new ferry destinations available for 2011 and you can now book them through Sea Travel Ltd’s website:
Connections between Mediterranean ports and North African ports are now possible by overnight ferry crossing aboard Italian ships as well as mini cruises and crossings between mainland Europe to other North European ports.
For more information please visit our website or email us on:
Brazil is getting ready for the 2011 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Book your voyage with us as soon as possible if you wish to visit the celebrations. We offer passages from Europe to 10 Brazilian ports and return.
Our 20% reduction Special offer is still valid for circular voyages for bookings made until 31st March 2011 on the following services: Euro-Med; Euro-Aegean and Euro-Adriatic service. Book now to avoid disappointment.
Now available connections between US and Egypt; US and India and US and Japan, featured on our website as ST0063/64/65 with itineraries, duration in days, prices and cabin descriptions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you in the New 2011!
Happy Sailing!

Kind Regards
Sea Travel Ltd Team

Sea Travel Ltd – the different experience

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Docklands, London, E16 3TB
Tel: +44 (0) 203 371 9484
Fax: +44 (0) 871 266 4641
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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2011 from Sea Travel Team

Dear Traveller,

The holidays are fast approaching and we, at Sea Travel Ltd would like to take this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New 2011 Year!

We hope the New Year brings new and exciting experiences as well as unforgettable memories, and not last but least lots of health.
Sea Travel Ltd is here to help and give you new ideas as to how to surprise somebody special or give yourself a different gift – and this is an amazing freighter cruise to popular destinations.

Sea Travel Ltd can easily arrange your perfect Christmas gift – The Different Experience.
Why not take a freighter ship and travel to Brazil and make the most of the party? What party you might think? Rio Carnival, starting on the 4th March 2011 until 8th March 2011.
With sailings from/to Europe to 10 Brazilian ports you can easily embark on an adventure and book your outbound and inbound voyages now.
New Route also available connecting North America and India; North America and Egypt or North America and Australia and New Zealand.
All services are featured on Sea Travel Ltd website:
If you wish to travel with your vehicle around Europe you can now do so by booking a ferry crossing.
Sea Travel Ltd now offers ferry crossings and mini cruises to/from North Europe cities: Dover, Dunkirk, Copenhagen, Oslo, Harwich, Esbjerg, New Castle, Amsterdam.

Or you can easily make a reservation online using your credit or debit card for ferry crossings connecting North Africa (Morocco and Tunisia) and Europe (Spain, Italy, Sicily and Malta). All you need to do is click on Grimaldi Lines banner located on the home page of Sea Travel Ltd website and follow the steps.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with your reservations please do not hesitate to contact us at Sea Travel Ltd on +44 203 371 9484 or Email:

We are looking forward to hearing from you in the New Year!

Your Sea Travel Ltd Team

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

To Rio de Janeiro Carnival and back by Freighter Ship

Dear Traveller,

Each year Rio de Janeiro welcomes hundreds of thousands of people who wish to take part in the famous Carnival and visit and extraordinary landmark – the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Have you been to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? If the answer is NO, well now is the time to think about visiting the 6th largest city in the Americas and the 26th largest in the World.

Sea Travel Ltd can help with your planning and provide you with new ideas of how to get from Europe to Brazil by cargo ship or vice versa.

Sea Travel Ltd can offer got a few services with departures from:

· North European ports: Antwerp/Rotterdam/Tilbury/Bremerhaven or Hamburg to port of Suape or Santos

Please follow the link to see full itinerary/duration and prices:

· Mediterranean ports: Valencia or Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro/Navegantes/Paranagua/Rio Grande and Santos

Please follow the link to see full itinerary/duration and prices:

· Departures from France also available via Trinidad and Tobago and French Guyana: Le Havre to Belem/Fortaleza or Natal

Please follow the link to see full itinerary/duration and prices:

Rio Carnival opening ceremony starts on 4th March 2011, Friday until 8th March 2011, Tuesday. An interesting fact is that Rio Carnival dates change each year because it is always celebrated 7 Sundays before the Easter Sunday and Easter day usually varies from 22nd March to 25th April each year therefore the carnival dates also move.

So if you want to make the most of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro book your exciting outbound and inbound voyages now or miss out the intense party.

Looking forward to hearing from you on +44 203 371 9484 or email:

Sea Travel Ltd Team

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sea Travel Ltd released new cargo ship routes

Dear Traveller,

New freighter routes were announced recently and below is some more information with itineraries and prices

ST-0031 Asia-Colombo, Indian Sub-Continent-Pakistan
Asia - Colombo, Indian Sub Continent - Pakistan
Round trip of approx 41 days

Itinerary and Duration in days:

Shanghai, China 0
Hong Kong, HKG 3
Dachan Bay, China 4
Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia 8
Colombo, Sri Lanka 12
Pipava, India 15
Nhava Sheva,India 16
Karachi, Pakistan 19
Port Kelang,Malaysia 27
Singapore 29
Hong Kong 35
Kwangyang,South Korea 39
Pusan, South Korea 40
Shanghai 41

Disembarkation in Karachi is not allowed.
Departure Frequency : Every Month

Valid from November 2010, in Euros, per day and per person, covering the travel with full board plus stop-off costs. (*Except)

Double Occ per person/per day Single occupancy
EUR100.00 EUR 110.00

*For journey less than 10 days duration, daily fare 130 € (double occupation basis per pax), and 140 € (single occupation basis).
* Except in some ports of China and Malaysia, additional port fees can be asked to the passenger.

- For passenger disembarking in Shanghai: the terminal Yangshan is about 100 kilometres far from Shanghai city; transportation fees about 90 euros (payable on the spot).
- For passenger disembarking in Port Kelang: as per new procedures from authorities in Malaysia, please be informed that passengers embarking or disembarking in Port Kelang are asked to pay handling fees of USD 50.00 for immigration on the spot.

Possibilities for connection with the following services:
North Europe - Mediterranean Sea - Red Sea - United Arab Emirates - Pakistan - India
Japan - China - USA - Canada
North Europe - North Africa - Malta - Middle East Gulf - Asia
Asia - North Europe
Mediterranean Sea - Middle East Gulf - Asia
Asia - Gulf of Mexico - US East Coast - Tanger Med - UAE

Link to the service:

Passport valid more than 6 months after the return date. VISA for China – VISA for India – Yellow Fever Inoculation.

ST - 0063 Asia - Gulf of Mexico - US East Coast - Tanger Med - UAE
Asia - Gulf of Mexico - US East Coast - Tanger Med – UAE
Duration: approx. 76 days round voyage
Frequency: Every week



Daily fare, pp Double Ocupancy Single ocupancy
100,00 Euro per day 120,00 Euro per day

*For journey less than 10 days duration, daily fare 130 € (double occupancy basis per pax), and 140 € (single occupancy basis).
Required documents: Passport valid more than 6 months after the return date.
US VISA, VISA for China. Yellow Fever Inoculation.

ST-0064 Japan-China-USA-Canada
Japan- China - USA - Canada
Round trip of approx 104 days
Departure Frequency: Every Three Months

Valid from November 2010, in Euros, per day and per person, covering the travel with full board plus stop-off costs.

Double occupancy per person/per day Single occupancy
EUR100.00 EUR 110.00

*For journey less than 10 days duration, daily fare 130 € (double occupation basis per pax), and 135 € (single occupation basis).


FORMALITIES (COMPULSORY): Passport valid more than 6 months after the return date. US Visa –Visa for China – Yellow Fever Inoculation.
Connection possibilities with the following services:
North Europe - USA - Tahiti - New Caledonia - Australia - New Zealand
North Europe - North Africa - Malta - Middle East Gulf - Asia
Asia - North Europe
North Europe - Beirut – Malta - Red Sea - Asia
Mediterranean Sea - US East Coast
US West Coast - North and Central China
Mediterranean Sea - Middle East Gulf - Asia
Asia - Gulf of Mexico - US East Coast - Tangier Med - UAE

SHIP- French Flag - 8500 TEUs

ST- 0065 Indian Sub-Continent - Mediterranean sea - US East Coast
Indian Sub-Continent - Mediterranean sea - US East Coast
Duration: approx. 55 days round voyage
Frequency: every two months

NEW YORK, USA - NORFOLK, USA - SAVANNAH, USA - CHARLESTON, USA - PORT SAID, Egypt - JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia -KARACHI, Pakistan - NHAVA SHEVA, India - MUNDRA, India -DAMIETTA, Egypt - NEW YORK, USA * Disembarkation in Jeddah &Karachi is forbidden.

Required: Passport valid more than 6 months after return date. US VISA, VISA for India, Yellow Fever Inoculation.


Daily Fare, pp DoubleOcupancy Single Ocupancy
100,00 Euro per day 110,00 Euro per day

*For journey less than 10 days duration, daily fare 130 € (double occupancy basis per pax). 140 € (single occupancy basis). For Owners cabin for single occupancy, please contact us.


Should you have questions or need further information on how to book please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 203 371 9484 or email
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Sea Travel Team

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New Freighter Routes with Sea Travel Ltd

New Freighter Routes have been released with destinations between Asia-Gulf of Mexico-United States East Coast-Mediterranean Sea- United Arab Emirates.

There are weekly departures aboard British Flag Container vessels carrying 5,100 TEUs built in 2008. 2 double and 1 single cabins are available to passengers each with separate sitting and sleeping areas, and with private ensuite.
For booking information please ask a Sea Travel Ltd on +44 203 371 9484 or

Another wonderful oportunity for those wishing to visit India and North America will be the new India America Express Service with itinerary Indian Sub Continent-Mediterranean Sea - North America East Coast aboard Bahamas Flag Ships. Departures are approximately every 2 months as there are only 2 vessels employed in this service with rotation of approximately 55 days round voyage.

Please be informed that Visa for India is mandatory as well as yellow fever vaccination and full visa for US for all non US citizens. US visa must be a tourist visa type B1/B2 and ESTA form is not valid due to the fact that Cargo ships are not part of the US visa Waiver Program.

For further information on how to book please ask a Sea Travel Ltd Consultant to assist:
Tel: +44 203 371 9484 or email:

Friday, 19 November 2010

Freighter Travel Regulations for passengers travelling to Argentina with vehicles

Updated information for passengers travelling with their vehicles and disembarking in Buenos Aires with regards to the Ownership of the accompanied passengers’ vehicles.

Buenos Aires Border Agency informs all agents that all Motor homes arriving together with the passengers must have documents showing the passenger’s name and prooving the passenger is the Owner of the vehicle.
If a passenger arrives to Argentina with a motor home that belongs to somebody else, the documents/authorization performed in Europe must be approved by the local Argentinean consulate and apostilled by The Haya Convention (La Haya Convention 5/10/1961).

This rule is with immediate effect and in cases where Argentinean authorities find passengers and motor homes that do not comply with the above rugulation, the passengers and the booking/shipping company will be subject to a hefty fine, furthermore, the Argentinian authorities may even detain the vehicle.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Freighter Cruises Information

Because of the economic downturn some Shipping Companies have decided to extend the age limit for passengers to 80/85 years if they present 2 medical certificates - one at the time of booking and second - within 30 days before departure. This information is with immediate effect and applies for spring/summer months only.
For more information please ask a Sea Travel Specialist to assist on +44 203 371 9484 or email:

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Is Freighter Travel cheaper? Than Air or Land based Holiday?

The answer to this question is "No" if people compare it to flight tickets but "YES" if you compare it to a conventional cruise or other holiday.

Freighter travel is more expensive than air travel but people should think of it as a holiday of so many days onboard a ship (hotel) and the fare includes accommodation, meals and charges. In comparison to a land based holiday of lets say 10 days - full board, people will pay the same amount of money or very likely more. Now, if a Transatlantic flight gets you to Europe for 5/8 hours and you pay 500/600 pounds return, a ship would give you the experience of a 10/15 day crossing for double the amount, yes, but that is including food, cabin... therefore you will feel well rested, etc... So think of it as a cheaper way to a conventional cruise or a land based holiday than to flying. It will never be cheaper, considering the food and the accommodation you get and not mentioning the experience... Ask a Sea Travel Specialist to assist with more information on +44 203 371 9484 or email:

You can also browse our destinations on our website

Freighter Cruises with Sea Travel Ltd

Good to know when travelling aboard a container carrier

The shipping lines have limited liability. The terms and conditions of the individual shipping line apply. It is essential that you purchase overseas health insurance with repatriation cover.

Passport and visa regulations
Passport and visa requirements depend on the route of travel. Travellers are responsible for ensuring that they have the required documentation. Any information provided about visa regulations to specific destinations is non-binding. You can obtain correct and up-to-date visa information from the relevant embassy or consulate.

Health restrictions
Health restrictions depend on the specific journey route. There is no doctor on board freighters. For your own safety, ensure that you are in a good health condition to travel. If you wish, we can send you a blank medical certificate before you confirm your journey. Please ask Sea Travel Specialist to help or visit:

It is of great advantage to have some command of English, since crews are frequently composed of a mixture of nationalities.

To Enter USA or USA territory ports by freighter ship

Important information! All passengers arriving or sailing to/from USA ports must provide a new machine readable USA tourist visa type B1/B2. ESTA procedure is NOT sufficient!

Round Voyage South America via Strait of Magellan!

South America

Very nice voyage on a new and modern container vessel of a German shipping line. Come on board to experience these wonderful voyage.

Santos, Rio Grande, San Antonio, Callao, Guayaquil, Arica, Antofagasta, San Antonio, San Vincente, Puerto Madryn, Imbituba, Sao Francisco do Sul, Sepetiba near Rio, Santos

Ship details
Container vessel; Flag: Cyprus; nationality captain: international; year of construction: 2005; size: 23.579 TDW; lenght: 175,00 m; width: 27,40 m; board voltage: 220 V; currency on board: US$; equipment: air conditioning, Video/TV, Fitness

Passage regulations
age restrictions: minimun age: 6 / maximum age: 79, Valid passport and medical certificate required. Immunization: Yellow fever vaccination required! Visa: Visa not needed!

Cabins and prices

1. Supercargo C04, double cabin, View to bow restricted but open to the side, shower/WC, Carpet, refrigerator,writing desk, Two-berth bed, approx. 22,5 sqm, C-deck, approx. 49 days, price from € 5.090,00
2. Crew D08, single cabin, View may be restricted by cargo, shower/WC, Sofa, chair, table, approx. 12 sqm, D-deck, approx. 49 days, price from € 4.600,00
3. Crew E09, single cabin, View may be restricted by cargo, shower/WC, Sofa, chair, table, approx. 12 sqm, E deck, approx. 49 days, price from € 4.600,00

To book call +44 203 371 9484 or email:

Southern Europe/Med Sea voyage

Southern Europe / Northern Africa / Mediterranean Sea
General cargo voyage

Experience the adventure on a small cargo vessel of a German shipping company. Shortly before the planned departure of the ship you will get information, where to hold themselves ready to get started. This could be ports like Bremen, Wismar, Gdynia, often Oskarshamn and / or Orrskar in Sweden. The particular route is determined by the available cargo. Often, for example, lumber for Tunisia is loading. These tours last for an average of 6 weeks. You can also book half the journey. Calculation 6 and 3 weeks. With shortened or extended trip after a waiting period is charged on daily rate basis.

Northern Europe port, Southern Europe/North Africa, Northern Europe port

Ship details
General cargo vessel; Flag: Antigua; nationality captain: international; year of construction: 1983; size: 5.662 TDW; lenght: 96,97 m; width: 17,60 m; board voltage: 220 V; currency on board: US$; equipment: air conditioning, Video/TV
Passage regulations
age restrictions: minimun age: 6 / maximum age: 79, Valid passport required! Immunization: none Visa: none

Cabins and prices

1. Radio operator, double cabin, Open view, shower/WC, Carpet, sofa, refigerator, TV, radio/CD/DVD, Bed approx. 200 x 140 cm, Location: Masters deck, approx. 42 days, price from € 3.790,00

To book your passage please email: or call +44 203 3719484

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wonderful voyage to the South Pacific

US West - South Pacific

- duration approx 56 days


Long Beach, US - Tauranga, New Zealand - Sydney, Australia- Melbourne, Australia - Adelaide, Australia - Auckland, New Zealand - Papeete, Tahiti - Ensenada, Mexico - Oakland, USA 0 Seattle, USA - Vancouver, Canada - Long beach, California (US)

The Passage

We offer a regular service with a nice containership from the US-West Coast to the South Pacific. USA, Australia visa and tourist card Mexico required. Valid passport and additional ID card with photo (drivers license, identity card) and medical certificate required.

Vessels details

Container vessel, flag Cyprus, nationality of master: international, built in 2005. 33.550 TDW, length 207,40 m, breadth 29,80 m, on board voltage 220 V. Equipment: air condition, table tennis, fitness room, sauna, inside pool, video/TV. Officer Recreation with bar! (Only Beer and wine!) Currency on board: US$. Age limit: 6 / 79.

Cabins and Prices

1) Twin bedded suite “Owner 210”, shower/WC. Carpet, fridge, sofa, TV/DVD. Two single beds. Location: 5th deck. Open view astern and side.

2) Single cabin “Junior Officer”, shower/WC. Carpet, fridge, TV/DVD. Location: 5th deck. View may be restricted by cargo.

3) Single cabin “Petty Officer”, shower/WC. Carpet, fridge, TV/DVD. Location: 3rd deck. Open view astern.

4) Single cabin “Rating 416”, shower/WC. TV/DVD. Location: 3rd deck. View restricted by cargo.

5) Single cabin “Rating 415”, shower/WC. TV/DVD. Location: 3rd deck. View restricted by cargo.

Round trip from EURO 5.755,00 .

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bay of Bengal

Bay of Bengal
Prices from GBP 999 pp

from/to Singapore

aboard m/v Princess Daphne

24 Jan 2011 - 06 Feb 2011

14 Days/ 13 Nights

Booking Ref: CIC0028

















Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ferry Crossings and mini cruises with Sea Travel Ltd

Sea Travel Ltd now offers ferry crossings to/from Holland/Denmark/Normay/France/Lithuania and other North Europe ports as well as mini cruises around North Europe for 2/3 nights.
For more information please call +44 203 371 9484 or email:

Dover - Dunkirk

Cross the channel to France from Dover to Dunkirk on the brand new fleet of Norfolkline cross channel ferries good value fares.

When you plan to travel to France, with direct links to the A16 and A25 motorways, the Dover Dunkirk route is more convenient than Calais for many destinations in France and beyond.

Among the cross channel ferry service providers, Norfolk line’s ferries France is better situated for Belgium and Holland as well as providing shorter drive times to Germany, Switzerland and beyond. What’s more, Norfolkline is the only ferry company sailing to Dunkerque, France.

This means you’re on your way from the ferry port more quickly and the roads are a lot quieter.

You can always be sure of a friendly welcome at the distinctive Norfolkline travel centre within the Dover Ferry Terminal. At our Dunkirk Terminal we have created a lounge area with facilities for the disabled and a snack bar, 'La Véranda', offering non-alcoholic drinks and food which is open 8 hours a day from 09:30 to 17:30 from Saturday to Thursday.

Norfolkline ferries provides a fast and efficient car ferry crossing across the English channel to France from Dover to Dunkirk. It boasts of a unique service where our family travellers can enjoy the comfort and luxury of our brand new purpose built cross channel ferries with designated areas for both motorists and freight drivers

Facilities onboard our Dover-Dunkerque ferries

Our cross-channel ferry service between Dover and Dunkirk is served by the newest fleet on the channel (Dunkerque Seaways, Dover Seaways and Delft Seaways).

A wide range of facilities are available onboard to ensure you can relax and enjoy your time onboard.

Facilities onboard our ferries to France include:

* A VIP lounge offering unparalleled luxury
* A wide selection of restaurants & bars
* Dedicated play areas for children
* Great value shopping

Dunkirk – Dunes de Flandre
Dunkirk is a seaside destination offering superb beaches and dunes, delicious food, great shopping and fascinating visitor attractions.

You may view the newly updated I Love Dunkirk leaflet here or you may read about the exclusive amenities in Dunkirk below.

The beach at Dunkirk

While the children play on the beach, you can sit back and enjoy the water sports show. With 15km of sandy beach, the Dunes de Flandre is a paradise for kite-surfers, sand-surfers and wind-surfers.

It’s difficult to imagine today that this beach was the scene of the greatest evacuation operation in military history. Over 9 days in 1940 340,000 French and British soldiers were rescued from advancing German troops by a quickly assembled fleet of about seven hundred of vessels.

Dunkirk is also a shopper’s paradise. The perfect place to stop off at the start or end of your holiday, there’s something for everyone:

* 400 town centre shops including all your favourite brands – H&M, Mango, Kookai, Esprit…as well as French cosmetics and perfume classics such as Sephora and Marionnaud. Parking is not a problem, with 1000 free places next to the Centre Marine and the Pole Marine, the town’s two covered shopping malls.
* Visit the largest Auchan Hypermarket in France.


Thanks to its location, Dunkirk boasts a unique combination of traditional Flemish cooking and excellent seafood. Nothing beats a delicious plate of local moules-frites accompanied by an ice-cold beer or glass of chilled white wine.

From a quick 4-course gastronomic extravaganza, one thing is for sure: Dunkirk’s huge range of restaurants represents excellent value for money.


Dunkirk’s recently re-landscaped 27-hole golf course is now a must for any golfer. Nine highly original new holes have been added, inspired by the design of Dunkirk’s 17th century military fortifications.

Driving off artillery towers and bastions, and navigating moats and lakes all make for an unforgettable golfing experience. The course is situated just 15km from the ferry terminal and 5km from the town centre.

Tourist Office Information

For additional information on accommodation and restaurants in Dunkirk, visit the Tourist Office website at or call the tourist office on

Our ferries to Dunkirk

Norfolkline provides ferry services to Dunkirk from Dover with a crossing time of less than 2 hours with up to 12 ferry sailings per day in both directions.

Copenhagen-Oslo (Denmark-Norway)

Our ferry services between the capitals of Denmark and Norway provide a daily overnight service. Ideal for getting from Denmark into Norway and Northern Sweden, where there is fantastic scenery all around you.

The capitals of Norway and Denmark both offer a wealth of history and culture - as well as Gateway access to further destinations. Mountains, fjords and beaches await you, as you explore wonderful Scandinavia.

Route Facts:

Depart Copenhagen 17:00#
Arrive Oslo 09:30
Depart Oslo 17:00
Arrive Copenhagen 09:30
Services operate daily


Find out more about the m.s. CROWN OF SCANDINAVIA, one of the two ships sailing on our route between Denmark and Norway.

The ship can accommodate over 1,900 people, and has a wide range of things to see and do on board, including great bars and fine restaurants.

This floating hotel was built in 1994 and maintains high quality facilities, making it a great place to sit back and relax.


Find out more about the m.s. PEARL OF SCANDINAVIA, one of the two ships sailing on our route between Denmark and Norway.

The ship can accommodate over 2,000 people in comfortable cabins, it also boasts a great range of bars, restaurants and entertainment.

Originally built in 1989, it was extensively renovated in 2001 to ensure that it meets the high standard that we require of our ships.

Friday, 22 October 2010


Sea Travel Invites All travellers, who have used our services to go to our NEW Guestbook page and share their experiences from their travels.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010



Duration: approx. 56 days round voyage

Frequency: Every two months

Southampton (Great Britain) – Hamburg (Germany) – Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Antwerp (Belgium) – Le Havre (France) – Port said (Egypt) – Suez Canal – Salalah (Oman) – Jebel Ali (UEA) – Karachi (Pakistan) – Nhava Sheva (India) – Mundra (India) – Salalah (Oman) – Djibouti – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) – Suez canal – Malta- Tangier Med – (Morocco) –Southampton (Great Britain)

Duration (approx.)
Double cabin
Single cabin

EURO 380
EURO 500

EURO 720
EURO 860

EURO 900
EURO 1075

Le Havre
EURO 1040
EURO 1170

Port Said
EURO 1870
EURO 2040

Jebel Ali
EURO 2700
EURO 3240

Nhava Sheva
EURO 3200
EURO 3680

EURO 3500
EURO 3920

EURO 4000
EURO 4480

EURO 4800
EURO 5135

EURO 5200
EURO 5350

Circular Journey

EURO 5600
EURO 5710

N.B. Disembarkation not authorized in Jeddah & in Karachi !

Double cabin – Owner: about 23 square meters

Location: Deck E

Description: fitted with 2 berths (205x105), small lounge

with fridge, private lavatory unit with shower, wash basin

and WC, a desk and a sofa.

Single cabin -Spare Officer: fitted with 1 bed (205x105),

small lounge with fridge, private lavatory unit

with shower, wash basin and WC, a desk and a sofa.

Location: Deck E

Single cabin - Super Cargo, fitted with 1 bed (205x105),

small lounge with fridge, private lavatory unit

with shower, wash basin and WC, a desk and a sofa.

Location: Deck E

If you would like to book email at or cal 0203 371 9484

Sunday, 10 October 2010

20% DISCOUNT on Circular Voyages- EURO MED, EURO AEGEAN and EURO ADRIATIC Freighter Service

**Valid for departures between 1st October 2010 and 31st March 2011**

Euro – Med

- Duration: 35 Days

- Departures: Weekly

Euro Aegean

- Duration: 28 Days approx.

- Departures: Weekly

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Between Two Seas. Special Offer.

Panama Canal and Costa Rica
9 or 14 nights
Prices from USD 3,999 pp
October-December 2010
And January – March 2011
Save up to USD 400 pp when you pay for your voyage by 17 September 2010.

The narrow link of land that connects North and South America is unique on earth, and our small-ship voyages offer unparalleled access to the animals, plants and indigenous people who call this region home. On the 100-guest Pacific Explorer, you'll visit ports of call and remote landings the big ships pass by. And with a limited number of fellow travellers, your experience both on board and ashore is up-close, casual, and very personal, whether you're meeting the Emberá Indians in Panama's Darién Jungle or seeking wildlife in a Costa Rican jungle. Our Zodiac inflatable excursion crafts take you right to remote bays and deserted shorelines, close enough to the water to trail your fingers in the sea as you watch for blue-footed boobies, red-billed Oystercatchers, and magnificent frigate birds.

Sail the beautiful pristine beach and jungle river-lined coastline between the San Blas Islands and Manuel Antonio National Park, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, taking nature walks and exploring by inflatable craft along the way. Venture into national parks and conservation areas teeming with wildlife, and visit remote communities where locals live, colourful and proud, in their ancient ways. On the edge of Panama's Darién Jungle, you step from a Zodiac launch onto a huge gnarled root in the stream bank. A tattooed man, the headman of the Emberá village, welcomes you ashore with a smile and a handshake. Thanks to our expert Costa Rican naturalists and local contacts, you're given a true insider's view of this magical world. Come with us on your own voyage of discovery to this beautiful tropical wonderland.

Arrive In Panama
Transfer from the Panama City Airport to Colón on the Caribbean coast to board the Pacific Explorer.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502, this was once one of the richest ports of the Spanish Main until plundered by Henry Morgan in 1668. Enjoy a guided walk in Portobelo and a special performance from Kuna Indians as they pass on their customs through dances and chants. Panamanian crafts, which include the richly embroidered molas handcrafted by the Kuna, can be purchased in the local market. Visit an old Spanish fort and, tides permitting, explore a mangrove forest of the Duarte River by small craft.

Panama Canal
Come eye-to-eye with one of the most acclaimed engineering marvels in the world, which employs over 9,000 workers. The canal is over 50 miles long with a minimum depth of 41 feet. Transiting the Panama Canal is an unforgettable experience, especially aboard a small ship like the Pacific Explorer.

Darién Jungle
Visit a remote Emberá village tucked away on the coast of the Darién Jungle. The Emberá people open their homes and hearts to welcome Cruise West friends. You will laugh with them, dance with them, and take away cherished lifetime memories.

Coiba National Park
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Coiba National Park consists of 38 islands surrounded by pristine waters. Its abundant sea life makes it one of the top snorkeling locations in the world. For bird watchers, 147 species of birds can be found in Coiba National Park. Our open exploration during these two days may include snorkeling and kayaking at Granito de Oro Island, Coiba Island or Rancheria Island, a visit to the prison ruins at Coiba Island (Panama’s version of Devil’s Island) and guided nature walks at the south end of Coiba, relatively untouched by humans.

Coiba National Park continue

Golfo Dulce
Take a guided tour through the beautiful gardens at Casa Orquideas or "Orchid House." Casa Orquideas is a private botanical garden cultivated by long-time local residents, who have lovingly landscaped this homestead for over 20 years. They have amassed a wonderful collection of tropical fruit trees, bromeliads, cycads, palms, heliconias, ornamental plants and more than 100 varieties of orchids. See, smell, and touch a wide variety of beautiful ornamental plants and taste some unusual fruits.

In the afternoon take a walk in search of wildlife. Look for toucans, monkeys and maybe even a snake. If you prefer a quiet afternoon on your own, stay onboard and relax on the Sun Deck.

Corcovado Conservation Area
Discover the Corcovado Conservation Area, a pristine rainforest, populated by a number of endangered species including puma, tapir, poison dart frogs, crocodile, jaguar, and marine turtles. It is home to the largest population of scarlet macaws in Costa Rica. Close to 400 species of birds have been seen here. There are also around 140 mammals and over 500 species of trees. Giant trees draped with vines and lianas and supported by massive buttress roots tower over the forest floor. Corcovado is inundated with nearly 20 feet of rain a year and is technically known as a very humid tropical lowland rainforest. Guided hikes will be offered, of varying degrees of difficulty. Lunch is a picnic on the beach, weather permitting.

Manuel Antonio National Park
This park was created in 1972 and consists of 3 magnificent white-sand beaches that are backed by a jungle sheltering hundreds of fascinating plant species. Naturalists lead walks to outstanding wildlife viewing. There are over 109 mammal species and 184 species of birds here. Watch for monkeys, iguanas, agoutis, sloth, and the rare turquoise cotinga.

Manuel Antonio offers well-maintained trails where you can explore the jungle on your own or join a walk with one of our naturalists. You may wish to see the small shopping area, relax on the white-sand beach or take a swim.

Arrive Los Sueños / San José
Disembark in Los Sueños and transfer and transfer to the San José Airport for your flight home

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Answer the call of Paradise

Lautoka to Auckland
14 nights
Get stowaway Savings on Departure 02 December 2010
Regular Brochure Rate USD7,995 per person

Stowaway rate USD 6,193 per person
Mention promo code V1STOW21 at the time of booking

Discover some of the South Pacific’s most beautiful, remote and sometimes mysterious islands in the 15 days journey of natural and cultural wonders. Soak up the Fijian Sun and enjoy the kava tasting. Experience the men’s Rom Dance, performed by only the high-ranking chiefs on Ambrym Island. Explore a tropical rainforest. Peer into the crater of one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Meet descendents of the HMS Bounty. And enjoy magnificent snorkeling in one tropical paradise after another. This sailing will leave you relaxed, invigorated and ready to plan your next adventure.

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Friday, 14 May 2010

Voyage Spectacular aboard m/v ATHENA

Prices from GBP 3299 pp
Civitavecchia – Fremantle
14 Nov – 19 Dec 2010
36 Days/ 35 Nights

Booking Ref: CIC0001

Special Promotion

Allowance of £200.00 pp to cover air ticket London – Rome and a transfer from the airport to the vessel to be deducted from cruise price.

Wonderful voyage to Australia via Suez
Date Day Port Arr. Dep.
14/11/2010 SUN Civitavecchia (Italy) 20:00
15/11/2010 MON Naples (Italy) 09:00 20:00
16/11/2010 TUE At sea
17/11/2010 WED At sea
18/11/2010 THU Venice 09:00
19/11/2010 FRI Venice 12:00
20/11/2010 SAT Dubrovnik (Croatia) 11:00 19:00
21/11/2010 SUN Corfu (Greece) 12:00 20:00
22/11/2010 MON Piraeus (Greece) 23:30
23/11/2010 TUE Piraeus (Greece) 12:30
24/11/2010 WED At sea
25/11/2010 THU Port Said (Egypt) 06:00 23:59
26/11/2010 FRI Suez Canal passage (02:00) (18:00)
27/11/2010 SAT At sea
28/11/2010 SUN At sea
29/11/2010 MON At sea
30/11/2010 TUE At sea
01/12/2010 WED At sea
02/12/2010 THU At sea
03/12/2010 FRI At sea
04/12/2010 SAT At sea
05/12/2010 SUN At sea
06/12/2010 MON Colombo (Sri Lanka) 13:00 20:00
07/12/2010 TUE At sea
08/12/2010 WED At sea
09/12/2010 THU At sea
10/12/2010 FRI Phuket (Thailand) 07:00 18:00
11/12/2010 SAT At sea
12/12/2010 SUN Singapore 10:00 17:00
13/12/2010 MON At sea
14/12/2010 TUE At sea
15/12/2010 WED At sea
16/12/2010 THU At sea
17/12/2010 FRI At sea
18/12/2010 SAT At sea
19/12/2010 SUN Fremantle (Australia) 07:00 14:00

Please visit:

or email:
Great Savings on Wild Scotland voyage
Voyage ref: AUR0001
12 June – 25 June 2010
Prices from EUR 4,045
14 Days Voyage

Embark: Oban

Ship: m/v Polar Pioneer


ItineraryDay 1 -Depart Oban
Day 2/3 - Western Isles
Day 4/6 - Northwest Isles
Day 7/8 - Orkney Island
Day 9 - Foula Island
Day 10 Faroe Island
Day 11/13 - Shetland IslandsDay 14 Arrive Bergen

Form more information please visit:

Or email:

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Freighter travel To Australia and New Zealand

Spectacular Voyage for inquisitive types of people from Europe or US East to Australia and New Zealand via Panama Canal. The full round voyage is of approximately 84 days aboard a very nice French Container Carrier. The voyage is with itinerary from Tilbury, Rotterdam,Dunkirque,Le Havre, New York,Savannah,Kingston,Punta Manzanillo,Panama Canal,Papeete, Lautoka,Noumea,Sydney,Melbourne,Napier,Tauranga,Panama Canal,Punta Manzanillo,Savannah,Philadelphia,Tilbury.
The ships is with capacity of 3 double cabins, fully firnished and airconditioned with seatting and sleeping arrangements.
Accommodation,meals,port charges and deviation insurance are normally included in the price.
For more information or if you wish to book please contact Sea Travel Ltd of London at or visit our website:

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


A Wonderful Voyage from Quito to Guayaquil aboard Galapagos Explorer with Departure dates 15 and 25 AUG 2010 and 10OCT2010. Voyage of 10days/9 nights.

Please quote Booking Ref CW0007

Day 1 Arrive in Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and transfer to the Hotel Hilton Colon QUITO where you will overnight.

Day 2 Enjoy walking tour of historic downtown QUITO with the best preserved colonial historic centre in South America.

Day 3 Quito, Guayaquil, San Cristobal, Cerro Brujo
Day 4 Espanola( Hood) Island
Day 5 Santa Cruz Island, Rabida Island
Day 6 Santa Cruz Island
Day 7 Bartolome Island, Santiago (James) Island
Day 8 Fernandina Island, Santa Cruz Island
Day 9 North Seymour, Santa Cruz Island
Day 10 Galapagos to Guayaquil

There is a possibility of extending the cruise with a tour of MACCHU PICCHU

For more information, full itinerary, activities or reservation please visit: or email:

Expedition Travel

Choosing the best Expedition for you is a very important issue and sometimes it is a difficult question depending on your interests. There are longer programs at the beginning and the end of each season for passengers to experience the complete satisfaction but for those who have time constraints shorter programmes are aslo available which certainly will provide unique experience too.

Embark on once in a lifetime journey and realize your own personal sense of discovery. The atmosphere onboard Expedition Vessels is casual and relaxed. The staff is always enthusiastic and helpful and make you feel at home.

We at Sea Travel Ltd of London assure you that your memories created will last a lifetime.

Please visit Sea Travel Ltd on their website: or email them on