Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Travel to Israel on a Cargo Ship


We have received a number of requests from people wishing to visit Israel and asking for Freighter cruises departures from both United States and Europe.
We at Sea Travel Limited can certainly assist with booking a passage on board Cargo ships.
There is availability with departures from:
For example departure from Charleston to Port Said will cost in a Double Cabin : EUR 1,600 per person, based on double occupancy and including all charges/ taxes/ meals/ deviation insurance/accommodation.

The border crossings between Egypt and Israel are very much frequented by tourists therefore transportation options are readily available. Taxis, buses, and minibuses ply these borderlands regularly. Sea Travel Limited would recommend asking about the full sized bus options along the way, as this will be your most reliable transportation — although there are only a few buses each day.

The easiest way would be to take the full sized bus or Taxi that travels to the Egyptian border at Taba. At the border in Taba you have to fill out a lot of forms. That could take a while.. Make sure you have enough time and don't plan any times before you get into Israel. Also have your passport ready at all times. When you get into Israel, make sure you don't have any metal on you or in you handbag. Then you may have to strip....
Israeli Customs will also go over your bag to see if you carry any chemicals. Once you get into Israeli side of the border it would be no problem to take a taxi or the bus. Taxi and bus is right outside the border and the transportation from the border through Israel should cost around 50 ($12.5) sheckles.

As for departures from Europe to Israel, Sea Travel Limited have regular sailings from Monfalcone in Italy to Ashdod or Haifa, which only take up to 6/8 days duration and prices start from EUR 510 per person based on double occupancy.

For further information and to make a reservation, please contact your Sea Travel Specialist:

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  1. sounds amazing! i just love traveling in israel and never tought about sea traveling. i have hear jerusalem is also amazing.